Very hot 390 AMC engine with Edelbrock STR-11 cross ram and twin 450 mechanical secondary carbs.
1969 SC/RAMBLER - the "JOHNNY LIGHTNING" was part of a head to head box set with a red 69 AMX by Johnny Lightning...very, very cool. This SC/Rambler subsequently brought the highest price ever recorded for any SC/Rambler sold at auction!
The beautiful red white and blue Breedlove Tribute 69 AMX with 90 auto, AC, Tilt and leather. The entire car was stripped to bare metal and everything was either replaced or rebuilt.
Check out this recently sold and stunning factory BBG Donohue trimmed SST Javelin, 4 speed, 390 with # matching AMC Str-11 Cross-Ram not a reproduction. No doubt the new owner is very pleased with this car which had previously won 31 out of 32 shows including Daytona gold. This is one bad ass Smokin Ride
The great looking and terrific running BBG Mod Pac 1969 Javelin with all new suspension, fresh engine and Trans and a complete interior and exterior restoration. Went to a new home in March 2014 and has taken two first places and one second. One of the first places was best in show and other was best Javelin out of over 20 Javelins being judged in a single show.
Castillion Grey on black to be done with Torq Thrust D wheels and NOS trendsetter side pipe exhaust. Rust free SoCal car that already has a rebuilt engine, Trans and brake system with virtually no miles on them. Needs total interior and exterior restoration – bodywork and first stages of paint done. To be completed when someone contracts us for the car and the remainder of its restoration
Beautiful and incredibly powerful 1969 Crossram dual carb equipped SC/Rambler. Went to a new home in April 2014 and took second place in very large regional show. It got second instead of first because some idiot judge said it was missing its stock stickers....the car is not even close to stock so WTF was that idiot judge thinking!!!??? Non stock is non stock!
Stunning 401/factory 727 auto with AC 74 Jav AMX with completely fresh mid range performance level build done in correct and spectacular single stage paint (PPG) with optional front chin spoiler.





Welcome to a website dedicated to the preservation and restoration of cars from the often little know side of AMC committed to manufacturing some amazing muscle cars from the mid 60s through the early 70s. This site was created to highlight the very rapidly growing AZ AMC Restorations and Parts company that exclusively restores and enhances the performance of some rather amazing AMC muscle cars.  Although my personal favorites are AMXs and Rambler SC/Ramlbers, you will find some other very rare and unusual cars featured here as well.

Effective November 2014, we now have two nearly adjacent full time shops that focusing nearly exclusively on AMCs, the first is the restoration and mechanical shop and the second is the body and paint shop.  Both shops are staffed with full time experts who do  work day in and day out on preserving and reviving old AMC Musclecars to be better than they ever were from the factory.  We both restore cars we already own and offer them up for sale as well as restore customer cars.  We also build mild to wild AMC engines of all sized, upgrade suspension and can install 4 wheel disc brake systems, modernize fuel and ignition systems, rebuild and/or install newer transmission technologies and in general make 40-50 year old AMCs every bit as good as brand new modern cars.

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