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Here you will find the previous comments from the older websites templates. With the previous pages they were attached to long gone we thought it important to include it with the new design….


  1. You did a great job on making this site much more lively and easy to navigate Eric Hasselbring.

  2. Anthony LaGreca

    I will send you pictures of my car and see if you can tell me what you think, I'm in NJ I'm 53 I have this car since 1980's? I have doubt if I will ever drive this car again my distabilty is catching up with me…But I am willingto try so see ya soon…

  3. John Cockie

    Do you have much in 1977 Hornet AMX parts?

  4. Love your Story, Great Site.Keeping the AMC Heritage A Live.No Doubt it's Hard.A single 49+ woman, limited income..The lose of my Fiance Bill, a mastered cert, mech tech troubshooter 32 yrs, was his aasistance 13yrs.Wasnt a car he couldn't bring back to life & would be the fastest.His friends now own 3,7+ sec Mopars + many more. Bill taught them Mech, they picked up speed & still contiune to Race & 1 owns the Napa store in Budds Creek, Md..Taught me alot.Reason for me to sell my lit place in Pa of 12 yrs, going to Midlands Auto Mech Sch.Sc..Bill saw his 1st Amx/Jav in his late teens & was finally able to purchase his 1st AMC…He was a Die Hard Mopar Man.To own a early 71 Amx/Jav 401, The Go Package is a Dream come true, he just rebuilt the Motor back to her racing stock standards…Been apart of my Life 16 yrs.Carlisle Mopar Nationals since 2004-2010 was she registered.(35 min drive) Bill Miller Sr, Co-owner & founder is a freind of mine..Just Mention Scarlett, That AMX/Jav 401, his eyes light up like Christmas Trees.Free tickets every year.Only 1 did I ever see of this make/model & it was an Auto.I have standard, powder coating..Thanks Leanna Lynn Johnson (Pheonix Specaility Coating ) for my Hurst Shifter..Came in 3rd 2004..2010 won Most Interesting from All out of 2500 Show Case Ladies.I have FLAWS.5 pictures of her is posted in AMC The Spirit Still Lives (history).My planned vacation 2004-2012 only 6-10 AMC's there, those Grems would eat us every year.We became a little family since & couldn't wait to see each other the following yrs..Have a picture of my Rebel next to a Rebel Machine with the name over his head…. I rescued a Reg. Boxer Rebel Without A Clause X..I have 2 AMC's, X marks the spot".Experimental "Joined a few car sites, Bill named me RainnX…Had a 71 Grem & 79 Spirit.Knew nothing about AMC back then but a stong passion for cars since I can remember.Saw this Beast roar by me twice.Met the owner.Miles down the road, My Engagement Ring..Had a few Garages take me through the ringer on simple repairs since Bill has been Gone.Jealous people, we are not very well Liked, to see a Woman with this Rare AMC..If it wasnt for Gearheads Freinds keeping My Motor Mind Intac, I'd be Scap Metal…Thanks..

  5. Dear knkyoung, I don't know how old you are; but PLEASE don't take a 68 car and try to make it look like a 2000s car. Too many old cars have gone that way! Modern tonka toy wheels look horrible on old cars, and youll lose that classic look with fat tires, too! White wall tires and magnum 500 wheels were on almost everything back then.Its like remaking a 60s song. Its just doesn't sound right, and never will.Thanks for listening. Tim Klein

  6. adding an facebook link.

  7. Rob Kinnaird

    Put BIG!$" CHROME WHEELS ON THE FRONT WITH TALLER SPRINGS so it sits higher up then add edelbrock cam and manifold find a pulley system to reduce your parasitic pump loss electrick fan demon carburator hooker headers if you have no cylinder leakage you should gain 50-75 hp, most important get a shift kit!

  8. adding an AMC Musclecars facebook link.

  9. Just found this great Amc site. Will be using it regularly, and THANKS for your dedication to AMC!

  10. Just in time for the holidays! Any one of these fantastic cars would look great in your driveway on Christmas morning!

  11. This an an overview of how we restore our cars from

  12. 68javelinaz

    hey! just found your site love it! i am in tucson would love to come and check out your shop and see that bbg javelin! i also need some advice on putting a tremec in my 68 kaplan clone javelin

    • Would love to have you come on by. The BBG Jav should be back in action within the next week to ten days.

  13. amcnut401


    • Well I hope we can help you. We mostly do 74 and earlier cars but have lots of contacts who can help you with what you need.

  14. 70RebelGeezer

    Hi Dan,
    I sure do like your site….I wish we were closer….you’d have a Machine project to help me out with.

    Ron from Nova Scotia

    • Ron,
      Our costs are so much lower down here that you could most likely ship it both ways and still come out ahead!

  15. dugs67

    Looking for a B schem Scrambler. Must be original and complete. If you have a car that is turn key finished please contact me. E-mail


    • Doug,
      I have three SC/Ramblers at the shop. Two are A Schemes and nearly complete and one was done in A Scheme paint when I got it but in the serial range that can either be an A scheme or a B Scheme. I have the dealer invoice for the car and it does not indicate if it is either an A or a B.

      when I first got the car:

      It was all there when I got the car includign the original invoice

      And I will be doing it up as B Scheme including the new Phoenix Graphics factory correct B scheme decals (I have them an original NOS set reproduce them from) plus I was planning to add A Scheme decals to replicate the famed Johnny Lightning SC/Rambler that I used to own but can leave them off if you are interestd in the car.

      Johnny Lightning SC/Rambler

  16. Rob


    I’m looking for several parts for my 69 Rouge and wanted to know if you have a catalog?

    the parts I’m looking for are

    Reproduction hood SC hood scoop

    69′ hood emblem

    401 emblem

    GM style alternator bracket.



    • Rob,
      I am just a hobbyist like you so I do not have a catalog per say rather just have a boat load of spare parts. Places like Blasers, APD, Galvin Rambler, Kennedy American, Performance American Style and American Performance Product and no doubt a couple of others that I missed should have most of what you are looking for. I take it from your inquiry that you are putting a 401 in your Rogue. Gary’s Lapel Pins has some really nice repopped AMC emblems that you might be interested in and AMARK has a lot some equally nice SC/Rambler repopped parts as well. Bulltear has the engine mount conversion kit to put a V-8 in place of a 6 and AMXMGS has a full 4 speed linkage kit

  17. In late spring of 2012 we put a full metal awning over the paint booth so we can actually use it in the Arizona summer heat. Next up is to hook the exhaust stack motor back up so we can do in house paint work.

  18. rebelmike

    Hi Dan, Great site, lots of beautiful cars, love the shop too!

    All the best Dan.

    Mike from Montreal…or real close to it 🙂 !

  19. Thanks. It’s been quite a journey getting it this far but still a long way to go before all the content is fully loaded on all the pages.

  20. scoottersamx

    Hey Dan, I had heard you got your own website up and running….Looks Great I like it….

  21. matt69scrambler

    Thanks for letting me burn some rubber with the SC/Rumbler . Lots of power !!!!!!!

  22. Great site Dan! As I’ve said before “Thanks for your contributions to our beloved AMC Hobby”

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