Our Two Shops


Effective November, 2014, we now have two individual shops, one for restoration and mechanical and one for paint and body work.  Both shops are located on the same street within the same area so we can literally push our restoration projects between the two depending upon what stage of restoration we are diong.

As both a die hard AMC enthusiasts and shop owners, we do cars to order as well as cars that we just like and enjoy restoring which upon completion become available for purchase.  For example, we are currently finishing up 3 cars that are with two under contract including a Crossram equipped A Scheme SC/Rambler (still available for purchase), a red on black 390 auto with factory AC added 70 AMX and a hot 74 401 4 spd Javelin AMX with AC and 4 wheel discs added.  All three cars can be seen in the categories list along with our current and future projects.

Other cars that are available for future projects are a never been hit 69 BBO AMX with 390/auto and AC, another A Scheme SC/Rambler that is being done totally stock and more 1970 390 Ram Air 4 spd AMXs (in bittersweet orange on black, matador red on black and gold lime metallic on black) plus a very, very  rare red on red leather loaded 1970 Ram Air 390/auto AMX.

As a result of all the contacts made over the years for the purchase of cars and parts plus now owing a hobby shop turned business where we do all the work on the cars in house, all of our cars are priced well below what nearly everyone would have to pay to get the work done themselves due to my restoration costs being much lower in the Phoenix area compared to most other major metropolitan areas.  We run the shop as a both my hobby shop as well as a business and thus are able to pass those savings on to prospective buyers of great cars we restore for fun and then offer for sale.

Mechanical and Restoration Shop

hanging the AMC Flag!

Paint and Body Shop

The paint and body shop looks like AMC heaven with multiple AMXs lined up awaiting their turn for full restorations.


Above: AMX ROW!

Below: Getting a couple of cars getting closer and closer to be ready for paint



Bringing in yet another future project!