1967 Ambassador wagon

History of this very rare factory 1967 Ambassador V8,4spd on the floor station wagon !  This is an email  received from Homer Boeckel

I had a friend that was into Studebakers call me and mentioned I should look at this car outside of Philly, PA. He thought it should be saved.

It was in a estate sale and the family wanted to it crush because it had to many bad memories of their father. However, the attorney for estate didn’t want it crushed because for the four speed. I looked at it and struck deal. It took six hours to load on trailer because it was stuck in ground, the shed it was stored in was very bad shape and we had to use a chain saw get doors open. My brothers truck got stuck in the yard and it took good while get that out. The funny thing was from the noise the cops showed, wondering what we were doing. We had to call the attorney to tell them we were not there to steal it!

Going home coming up turnpike, I bet there were 40 angry drivers that didn’t like the dust trail that was coming from the car. But was all worth it as this was a special car.

I had contacted Tom Benvie and he told me how rare car was. I had placed ads in newsletters and had about 60 phone calls. It seemed that everyone wanted the trans and not the car, I didn’t have the heart to part it out. Mark had contacted me and we struck deal. Mark had made arrangements for someone to pick it up. I never heard much after that and was wondering if mark was working on it. I am glad that someone is restoring it, because it is special car. I thought it was a cool car, however I have too many projects. Thanks for allowing me to tell you this story. Please keep me posted on the progress for the restoration.                Darrin “Homer” Boeckel

factory 343 4 bl 4 spd – will be adding AC. Metal work done but still needs full restoration. Will be installing a “numbers correct” original 67 343 4 bbl engine purchased from Rick Jones, aka SC397 on the AMCforum, as its power plant complete with uber rare factory 4 spd console. May become the shop “truck” and potentially a tow car for when I want pull one of the other cars to a local show on the tow dolly – exterior paint done.  Expected completion date by mid year 2013

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1967 Ambo wagon

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