1969 SC/Rambler A Scheme

fully restored and awaiting finishing touches. Purpose built cross ram drive train with roller rockers and NOS 306 Crane Thumper cam for a street application with that old school tough engine sound and performance. Already spoken for and going to a new owner via a trade for another SC/Rambler when the weather gets nicer up north. Expected completion and delivery date of March, 2013.

“This is a SC/Rambler that I picked up a couple of years ago from San Diego that we have been working on part time since then. It was a former racer that had some hard miles put on it and came with a 290 and an oringal matching and correct date coded 390. Overall it was a very solid car that only needed minor metal work. It is currently awaiting its turn to finish the paint and put the interior back together. We were lucky enough to find a local guy who fabricated a couple of metal pieces for us so we could keep all the original body panels.”

From SC/Rambler #8, posted by Amc Musclecars on 7/08/2012 (40 items)

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