1970 AMX Red on Red – under contract

Red on red AMX 390 auto, ram air, leather, tilt, AC up – bodywork done in primer awaiting its turn for paint.

Starting to update this thread on the red on red 70 AMX that we recently started the full restoration on. This car is one of our own cars and now under contract to be restored to the preferences of a guy from Philly who always wanted an AMX and this is the car he has chosen to be his dream car. It is a very very rare Matadore Red on red leather 70 390 ram air AMX and will have somewhere in the range of 420 HP pushed through its BW M12 auto and 3.15 rear end. It is a factory loaded car with AC, Tilt, AM 8 track, leather and Machine wheels. We will be adding factory style shadow mask and Trendsetter side pipes to round off the car’s long list of options and like the car’s we have done before it, will be one of the finest AMXs anywhere complete with all new wiring harnesses, new brake and fuel lines, all new suspensions and brakes, fresh forged pistons engine, all new AC component, fresh restored woodrain dash, fresh restored rimblow wheel, full Lengerdary interior, all new carpets and everything under the hood eithe restored or replaced with NOS parts.

Original Post:
I haven’t mentioned much about this poor car on this site but it is slowly but surely making progress. The car came as part of the shop purchase and was totally trashed by an enraged soon to be ex wife. She beat it up with a post, sprayed nasty words on it with liguid nails and then it sat for many years. It is a rust free car but very gnarly looking but it came with tons of NOS interior parts, a full Legendary leather interior and nearly NOS Machine wheels. I had RimBlow Buddies restore a 70 wheel, we are building a correct 70 390, fresh M12 tranny and will be installing all new suspension, bushings and brake parts. Haven’t yet decided if it will be shadow mask on red or original red with white C stripe but will be one of the nicest 70 AMXs around when done and one of only around 132 70 AMX and Javs with red on red and even fewer still red on red leather. Will hopefully take some pictures of its current state of near completed body work this week and post them in this album.”

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