1970 AMX Red on Black 390 4 spd

This 70 AMX is a solid body west coast car awaiting it’s turn for restoration.  Based upon it current appearance, it appears that it was a road racer at one point in its life.  Underneath its Darth Vader black rattle can paint is a Matador Red on black leather AMX that had very little rust in the lower rear quarters (like most AMXs have at some point in their lives) and in the wells behind the front seats, all of which has been replaced.

The recently updated restoration plan is now to do this car for a buyer who wishes to have a new car and wants it done in Matador Red and Black Shadowmask.

 As with all of our cars, the complete interior and exterior surfaces will all be restored as well as all suspension and the car will sport a fresh drivetrain.  And of course likewise as with all of our cars, this car will be one of the nicest AMC anywhere at any price.   The final price on this car will be based upon a stock restoration starting at $37,500 plus whatever options he wishes to add beyond the original way it came from AMC.

Our discussion regarding how the car will be optioned included a 400-420 HP forged piston engine and possibly adding AC and perhaps RalleyPac gauges.

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