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  2. Anthony LaGreca

    All you some beauitful CARS, mine will never look as nice. I have a 1974 AMX/JAV..I am putting together a 401/500+ ever this car also has body rust..and yes this is the most exspence repair..I say this because I am a Disabile Veteran getting by..But please keep doing what it is your doing ( KEEPING AMC ALIVE).

    • well be sure to keep us in mind if you ever want to redo your car. Our costs are much lower than other parts of the country and I do this as a hobby (albeit a very busy hobby) rather than as a business so we charge a lot less than other restoration shops.

  3. Update on current projects underway and cars for sale from Amc Musclecars.

  4. Slate

    Hello Dan,
    Steve A. Nice site. Keep up the good work.

    • Thanks Steve. I need to add some more recent pictures of the cars. When I retire from the day job over the next couple of months the site will get updated daily!

  5. AMX North

    Great site Dan I love seeing the pics of all the cars being restored nice work !
    Here is a pic of my 70 that I have owned since 1986 .
    Kevin's 70 AMX

    • Thanks Kevin. Hope to have the BBG 69 Javelin all back together this week and get it back on the road in June as a totally restored car with a fresh drivetrain, fresh suspension, all new brakes and lines and that beautiful fresh body and interior combination.

      • AMX North

        I only wish I lived closer I would love to see that car in person . Of all the cars you are working on that has to be my favorite . I hope it goes to a good home and maybe we can see a video of it running and driving ?

        • we will definitely get a clip put up on that car when we fire it up and take it out on the road. Great suggestion!

  6. Posted a bunch of new pictures of current restoration projects up on the AMC Musclecars facebook web page at!/amcmusclecar

  7. Also doing some additional touch up and final restoration detail on my favorite BBG Javelin

    redid the hood to remove a couple of blemishes from the prior refinish that had a tad too much yellow in the color

    a couple of touch up areas in the radiator upper support area

    freshened up the 343 with a full rebuild. With the 8600 Summit cam and R4B it will roast the rear tire so I am putting a posi in the peg leg rear

    • ronaldbbush

      Very nice I have the same engine in my 68 AMX was wondering what performance options are still available for this engine. Got the car from my father in law it needs lots of work dont have the time or money for a full restore would like to duplicate a car from High school with cragar ss wheels and basic hot rod stuff from the mid 70’s nothing major so I will be able to restore at some point.

  8. Have some more pictures of the 70 AMX restoration…doing the suspension restoration and getting ready to do the shawow mask treatment now that the bettersweet color has cured.

    suspension removal for restoration

    • Getting closer to being finished. An AMC friend from suggested that we put the engine in from the underside and that seems like a great idea.

      Some touch up to the clear coat.

      Finishing up the final color sanding, cutting and buffing the main color.

      Starting to look pretty darn good at least to my eyes

      Getting ready to do the shadow mask including the engine bay like it was done from the factory rather than a dealer applied shadow mask.

      The very tough looking 70 AMX Ram Air hood

      Shadow masking the body.

      and engine bay

      The finished product. BSO and shadow mask has got to be one of the prettiest combos of all AMXs

      nice crisp division between the body color and shadow mask.

  9. johnpud

    Dan, great site! I was the odd one at cruise nights 20 years ago and it’s great to see all the AMC people! Keep up the great work!

  10. How (biiter) sweet it is!

    Here are a couple of pictures of the beautiful paint job on the bittersweet car. Sorry for the sticky shutter on the digital camera.

    This is the way the clear came out of the gun. Using the more expensive quality products produces equally quality results.

    To see the full set of restorattions pictures to date please go to:

  11. Added some pictures of the nearly finished body and paint work on the Bittersweet 70 AMX. Next up, Shadow Mask.

    70 AMX before final coats of base clear

    Check out the 70 AMX category on the RH side bar for more pictures.

  12. Chris Ferrante

    Dan, moving along on the project. I have the standard shift pedal assembly out of the car, tell me when you want it.

    Last week I discovered that Tremec five speed transmissions do not fit under the stock floor boards of the Rambler. In order to make it fit, I had to fabricate a new tunnel. Simple dimensions are same width at the floor brace, 30″ back from the firewall, but 2″ higher and 1″ wider at the firewall to clear the bell housing. The transmission cross member has to be replaced with a new one, fabricated from 2″X 3″ square tubing, mounted immediately below the original mount. I just cut the ends off the stock cross member, and welded them on atop the square tubing as brackets. The mount plate welds on below the tube to accommodate the mount.

    More insanity to follow. I am about to start on the fiberglass body panels. If they come out the way I hope, I will be making them available for sale to others. Later.

    • Chris,
      Sounds like a hell of a project that you are undertaking. I picked up a couple of extra 401s so be sure to let me know if you want to use an AMC mill to kick some ass with a hard core AMC engine with over 500 HP on pump gas!

      • Chris Ferrante

        Dan, I can always revert back to an AMC torque monster, if this doesn’t work out, but the thought of 5,000 RPM launches, and 8,000 RPM shifts, with a turbo screaming, is just too intrigiung. 25 MPG in overdrive might be fun, too. I made the front cross member and engine mounts today. I’m committed (or should be)!

    • matt69scrambler

      Hi Chris,
      Been thinking of you and your Rambler. Hope all is well and hope to see you soon.
      Weather a bit warm for a jacket right now….lol . Can’t wait for it to be cool again.

      • Chris Ferrante

        Matt, glad you received the jacket. I will be back to Phoenix in September, or October for hospital stuff. The car is progressing, just finished fabricating a new tubular front suspension with coilover shocks and disk brakes, A lort of work! I’ll post some photos when it is done.

  13. Picked up a sign for the shop yesterday. Can’t wait to get it installed on the building between the garage doors!

    AMC Shop Signb

  14. amxed

    How much is a NOS 68/69 wood amc wheel worth?
    I bought one several years ago at a Kenosia meet. If it’s not new, someone took it off their new car soon after they bought it.I’m not going to rerstore any more AMX to stock so I’m not needing it.

    • I have seen NOS ones go for as much as $2000 – $2500. The ones I do with Rimblow Buddy are less than half the lower amount.

  15. amxed

    Here are some of our cars past & present

    picture #1

    picture #2

    picture #3

    picture #4

    picture #5

  16. fast401

    Thanks for getting me back on your site. Spent today putting the 401 back into the AMX. It should be ready to go in about two weeks.

  17. Tony Sanchez

    Well Im here, Dan tried his best to keep me out but I prevailed!!

  18. 67RogueX-code

    Just testing out my new Avatar…

    … boy this site is going straight into the dumper now, with that mug on here!

    • Well it does look like you are really straining ๐Ÿ™‚ . Then again, as I recall that picture was taken when you were using a 1/2 wratchet with a pipe on it to loosen a set of head bolts on the 401 which btw, is going to get the original heads reinstalled including the bridge roller rockers and it is going in the Rebbie convertible! The Jav is getting a totally new purpose built engine in its place!

    • So Bob, Let’s get somem pictures of your car up in Reader’s Rides!

  19. raysinvegas

    My ’69 SC/Rambler clone. Started out like this:
    Andy Ray's SC/Rambler clone as it looked when he started the project
    Now it looks like this!
    Now it looks like this!

    • Can’t wait to se it in person!

    • matt69scrambler

      Hard to believe !!! Great job and fantastic looking SC clone !

    • Suzanne

      Looks great, Ray – is this the one you plan on taking to Reno?

      • raysinvegas

        Sure is Suzanne! I’ll have in Phoenix next month too. ๐Ÿ˜‰

        • Suzanne

          I’ll look forward to seeing it then.

  20. Matt Wilson’s great looking 1969 Cougar XR7

    1969 Cougar XR7 with performance pack

    • matt69scrambler

      I’m enjoying this Cougar much. Really nice car to drive ! Not fast like my SC/Rambler was but few cars were. I like all makes and have had a few old Fords over the years This Cougar is just as nice. Dan and Rick got the paint looking super .The wheels and tires off of Dan’s AMX helped a bunch !
      I can’t wait too see Dan get DA FREAK back on the road soon. The 4spd Ambassador wagon will be one fine looking ride soon ! Would have taken me years. Thanks for the trade Dan . Feels good to be driving a classic again and who knows maybe a AMC will come my way once again.

      • Turned out to be a really nice car!

      • Suzanne

        I have always liked this car. Cougars like this have never really gotten the appreciation from the muscle car world they deserve – always liked their distinctive, clean lines. Matt – I will proudly park my AMCs next to this car any day of the week.

        • matt69scrambler

          Great ! I love to be surrounded by AMC’s. They make me smile.
          Glad you like the Cougar. We enjoy it much even though it’s a Ford ….LOL !

          My girlfriend built a site for my Cougar as well as other cool cars from my past, Johnny Lighting Hurst SC/Rambler,1970 Challenger 440 six pac, 4spd, 1972 Chevelle, 65 Mustang,71 T-bird with 429 and many more Wills ST Clair , Packards. These pics are at bottom of the page. Hope you like them,

 Mercury Cougar XR7 | Tracy Middleton

          C.T.C.A. wrote up a piece about the Cougar and some cancer patients getting to enjoy the car. No pictures of patients out of respect for their privacy,
          CTCA Newspaper article about my Cougar

          We all had a blast !!!
          Matt & Tracy

  21. Bill Dickerson’s beautiful 70 Javelin.

    1970 390 Javelin

  22. Suzanne Edmunds'

    Lovely Rita at La Posada last summer.

    Rita, summer of 2011

    • Suzanne

      Cool ! It worked!!!!

    • matt69scrambler

      I was glad to see this wagon in person ! Really is a nice car !

      • gtoman_us

        Very very nice Wagon. Inside is as nice as the outside. Well done.

  23. Chris Ferrante

    Hi Dan, great site! Just want to thank you for befriending me, and offering so much of your help and knowledge with my crazy project over the past few months. As I complete the project, I’ll share some ideas that may help others.

    The tip for today is “Narrowed rear ends”. For drag racers that want a narrow AMC rear end for their tubbed Rambler cars with relocated springs, I found an early Jeep CJ5, AMC 20 axle, with 4:10 gears and Trac Lock from the factory that is only 50″ wide, flange to flange. Add one piece Moser Axles,, move the spring pads, and you’re good to go. The best part is that they are cheap and plentiful as hard core off roader’s upgrade to wider, heavier axles. 12″ tires fit in “mini-tubs” inside stock quarter panels.

    • Chris,
      Thanks for the post. If you send up some pictures, I will create a member’s projects page that we can post your project on.

      • Chris Ferrante

        Dan, next in order on the project list are the narrowed rear frame rails, the tubs and roll cage. I’ll send photos as they are being done.

  24. Thanks Suzanne. Rita should be up here with better pictures by this weeekend.

    • Suzanne

      I miss my big pink wagon, but I know she’s in good hands. I think the correct color of white on the roof is going to look so nice.

      • Suzanne, quality work takes time and replacing the drip edge seal is a very tedious job. She will be done soon so consider her time away as a nice mid winters warm weather vacation! ๐Ÿ™‚

        • Suzanne

          There is a lot of edge seal on that roof, too. LOL . I don’t mind waiting – I know it will be worth having it done right, and it frees up a garage stall at our place for Matt to work on his AC – so he’s a happy fellow right now.

          • amxdreamer

            Maybe Rita will come back with a tan ๐Ÿ™‚

  25. Suzanne

    It’s looking good, Dan – I know you’ve been wanting to bring this to life for a while now. Great to see it happening.

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  27. Charles Evans

    Good looking site Dan. Any site that shares information about AMC’S has got to be good. Keep up the good work!

    • Charles,
      All we have now are place holders. Over the next couple of weeks and months we will be giving it much more eye appeal.

  28. 67RogueX-code

    …hope to see some neat stuff here.


    • Amdinistrator

      Give me a couple of more weeks Bob and things will start sprouting up like spring flowers!

  29. I have a 70 AMX BBB that I have owned for 33+ years. I pre-delivered my car when it was new. It now has many of my touches and is a 401 built by SC397 and myself.

    • Administrator

      Looks like a great car and knowing how much care and quality Rick puts into an engine, I am sure it runs like a scalded dog

  30. Let me know when the registration page is up. I can also link your page up with mine.


    • Gary,
      Registration is up and running but we are not yet ready for doing any linkages. Please check back in another week or two.

  31. Troy Mancusi

    The site is looking good!

    • Administrator

      Just getting started Troy but will be happy to get your car up here along with all the other ones.

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